Kids Daily Chores Checklist

Kid's Daily Chores Checklist

Free Kid’s Daily Chores Checklist Printable

If you have children you’ve been there asking Johnny or Susie to pick up their toys or clean their rooms over and over again. It can be exhausting as a parent, the follow through is a struggle, to say the least.

“It can be exhausting…

I remember when my children where very young they were extremely eager to help mommy…UNTIL they caught own that the task was one that I expected them to graduate onto doing by themselves and regularly!

As a mom, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed trying to get our children to complete their daily chores. Some of us resort to threatening to take away their favorite things, timeouts, or yelling to get them to comply.

“…feeling overwhelmed trying to get our children to complete their daily chores”.

However, as a parent is all about consistency and we can’t give up like the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglas once said: “if there is no struggle there is no progress”.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle helping our children along the way is our responsibility. That’s why I created a colorful Daily Chores Checklist printable for Kids!

This checklist is colorful and allows you or your child to write in the chore that they are responsible for that week and check it off the checklist once the chore is completed.

I haven’t met a child who doesn’t love stickers. Therefore, purchase a few of their favorite character stickers at the dollar store and let them put a sticker on each day that they completed. Be creative with this free Kids Daily Chores Checklist and watch your child look forward to completing the whole list for the week!

“Be creative…”

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