75 Favorite Fall Activities For Kids & Adults

List of 75 Fall season activities for kids and adults.

Fall The Most Favorite Season Of The Year

What is it about the fall season that almost everyone loves so much? As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this chances are you love it as well.

I believe Fall brings out the best in people. The extremely hot summer days where your skin feels like it’s melting off your bones is overrated. Yes, I’m over the heat and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of fall.

Indeed, it’s not just the change of weather that I’m looking forward to, but the extraordinary show that nature puts on with all the beautiful change of colors.

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…Fall Clothing

Again another one of my favorite things is Fall attire! I can’t wait to resurrect the sweaters, scarves, jackets and close-toed shoes, and boots buried away in storage bins in my closet.

Oh, I love blanket scarves! The one below I bought a few years ago and I always reach for it the most.

Mainly, because it’s so soft and the beautiful colors and perfect length allow styling in many different ways.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

There is no doubt one of the favorite things about the Fall season is all the wonderful harvest smells and delicious treats. In fact, that special fall scent can provide an escape for you if you close your eyes and let it.

Scented candles are one of the most fantastic inventions ever! The fall season does not disappoint with the wonderful array of scents to choose from.

As a matter of fact, if you’re looking forward to your house smelling like fall, then the Crossroad Buttered Maple scented candle will not fail.

It smells like fresh buttery, maple goodness in a jar. It burns long and fills up the whole house with fresh fall vibes.

Again, a great choice for those who love lattes and pumpkin put the two together in a scented candle and it’s magical, you will love coming home to this smell!

Here are some other candles for the fall that you can’t go wrong when it comes to making your home smell amazing!

Favorite Fall Treats To Eat, Eat, Eat!

Fall is the kick-off season for trying new delicious food, drink, and treats! Nevertheless, the homemade dishes are something to look forward to as well.

It’s time to pull out all the cookbooks that have been handed down and collected over the years.

I understand that searching through Pinterest boards or downloading recipes online is one of the most convenient and greatest tools available. HOWEVER, I do enjoy a great cookbook that I can hold, flip through the beautiful pages and make notes.

You know something to hand down to your children.

With that being said here are a few fantastic honorable mentions I would suggest you add to your very own cookbook collection for this season.

Spending Time With Family And Friends

One of the most important factors of the fall season is to experience it with friends and family.

Cooking, shopping, decorating, all of these activities although done throughout the year comes alive and is more exciting during the fall season.

Therefore, it’s been my experience that it tends to draw family and friends closer together during this time.

Consequently, children and adults love this season with all the activities that open up for them to enjoy! Therefore, I have created a guide of 75 favorite fall activities for children and adults.

This list provides a variety of creative and wonderful fall activities to enjoy in or outside of the home.

75 Favorite Fall Activities For Children And Adults To Enjoy

75 Favorite Fall Activities For the Family

Indoor Fall Crafty Activities

  1. Do a crossword or search word
  2. Create candy jars as gifts and fill it with favorite fall candy
  3. Paint a birdhouse
  4. Make a windchime
  5. Watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
  6. Write in a journal documenting each day of fall
  7. Do a puzzle while listening to storytime on radio or cd
  8. Create a menu for Thanksgiving
  9. Play board games
  10. Create a character costume and play dress-up
  11. Create a to-do list for the fall
  12. Share with your family all the things you are thankful for
  13. Write a story and read it to family and friends
  14. Create and make your own favorite football team sweatshirt or hat
  15. Decorate your bedroom door with your name cutout Fall style
  16. Make a fall pillow
  17. Make a scarecrow to decorate the yard or front porch.
  18. Read a book by the fireplace
  19. Make “Happy Fall Y’all” cards to send to family and friends
  20. Have a pumpkin drawing contest
  21. Snuggle up under a blanket and watch a family movie
  22. Decorate the home for fall
  23. Crochet a scarf or hat
  24. Paint a fall scene on a canvas and hang it in your home
  25. Carve a pumpkin

Fall Food And Drink Activities

  1. Make trail/Chex mix
  2. Bake a pumpkin pie
  3. Enjoy some hot chocolate
  4. Drink some apple cinnamon tea
  5. Make some Pumpkin Spice granola
  6. Food Challenge -try a different fall vegetable every day for a week
  7. Make rice crispy treats with orange marshmallows
  8. Roast the seeds from inside of your carved pumpkin
  9. Decorate fall cookies
  10. Fall Food Challenge – eat only orange foods for a day
  11. Enter a baking contest
  12. Make homemade popcorn balls
  13. Make fresh pumpkin bread. My 11-year-old daughter loves to bake and she won a blue ribbon for her lemon blueberry bread and BEST IN SHOW at the county fair last year for her pumpkin bread!
  14. Decorate and make candied apples

Outdoor Fall Activities

  1. Visit an animal shelter/adopt a pet
  2. Swing on a tree swing
  3. Lay in a hammock and read a book or listen to music
  4. Climb a tree (parent supervision)
  5. Carve your initials in a tree
  6. Visit a cornfield or maze
  7. Visit a farmers market (support the local farmers)
  8. Go fishing
  9. Fly a kite
  10. Go a bike ride on your favorite trail
  11. Jump in a pile of leaves
  12. Play flag football
  13. Go on a picnic in the country
  14. Pick a spot to take fall pictures outdoors
  15. Go to bluegrass or fall harvest concert
  16. Plan a fall scavenger hunt with family and friends
  17. Plan a day at the county fair
  18. Go on a horse ride
  19. Visit a pumpkin patch
  20. Go on a hayride and sing songs
  21. Go visit a local farm and feed farm animals
  22. Collect different colored leaves and make a collage.
  23. Go on a hike
  24. Make smores by the campfire
  25. Go on a camping trip with the family, don’t forget to invite a friend.
  26. Visit an apple orchard and search out and pick apples you’ve never tasted before.
  27. Walkthrough a puddle of water with rain boots on.

Fall Activities Supporting Others

  1. Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while
  2. Run/Walk a 3 or 5K for a worthy cause
  3. Rake leaves for a friend
  4. Clean out closet and give away clothes that no longer fit to charity
  5. Volunteer at a fall festival
  6. Make fall scented candles for teachers
  7. Make a fall wreath and give it to someone in a senior care home.
  8. Bake an apple pie for a neighbor

75. Enjoy The Fall And Save This List of Fall Favorite Activities for Kids and Adults!

Fall Activities For The Family 2019 Fall Season

What have I missed? Please share which of these fall activities are your favorites.

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10 months ago

This is a great list! I especially love the fall craft list for my kiddos. I’m going to be utilizing this come fall!

10 months ago

These are such fun ideas! I pinned these to refer back. Thanks for the suggestions.

10 months ago

This is a wonderful post.

Maria Tosti
10 months ago

Love fall! Hate to see summer go, but super excited for that time of year

Kari | MoneyfortheMamas
Kari | MoneyfortheMamas
10 months ago

I love the idea of listening to storytime, I should check out audible for kiddo stories! I also am in love with the food challenge to eat only orange foods for a day. How fun!

10 months ago

Such an extensive list! Kids will never run out of fun things to do!

10 months ago

I cannot wait to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and watch a movie!! Also the cookbooks are an amazing idea!

10 months ago

I love the ideas on this list! We love fall and have already visited our local cider mill!

10 months ago

Fall is my favorite time of year! I can’t wait to go pumpkin picking and trick or treating!

10 months ago

Love this list! I am so ready for fall and all the fall things!

Tamara | The Gutz Life
9 months ago

Fall is my favourite season. My family loves to just play outside in the leaves.

Amy Harbottle
9 months ago

I love all the crafting ideas! These will be perfect to do with my nieces!


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